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Pedro Rossi is a director, screenwriter and photographer, based in Rio de Janeiro. In 2022, he released the feature documentary Rubens Gerchman: The King of Kitsch, where he signs the direction, script and editing. The film was selected for the national competition of the festival É Tudo Verdade! and for the ARCA International Film Festival, at the Atchugarry Contemporary Art Museum, in Maldonado, Uruguay, besides being shown in institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo and the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro. Also in 2022, he photographed and scripted the documentary A Symphony for a Common Man (José Joffily, 86’, 2022), selected for the festivals É Tudo Verdade! (Honorable Mention from the Jury and Best Editing), Hot Docs and IDFA. 7 Haircuts in Congo (90’, 2022) is his most recent release as a director, screenwriter and photographer. The film was directed in partnership with Luciana Bezerra and Gustavo Melo and had its premiere in June 2022, at Olhar de Cinema, receiving the award for best Brazilian film of the festival. The international premiere took place at DocLisboa, in October 2022, and the Rio de Janeiro premiere took place at the Premiere Brasil of the Rio de Janeiro International Festival, where it received an honorable mention from the jury. He directed and photographed, with José Joffily, the documentary Way Back (75’, 2015), which premiered at the Festival É Tudo Verdade! in 2015, and the feature documentary Foreign Soldier (86’, 2019), which participated in the main selection of the festivals É Tudo Verdade! and DocsMX. He directed and photographed the documentary series O Som e o Silêncio (13 episodes, 2018), for the Arte 1 channel, and the feature documentary After Spring (84’, 2021), directed with Isabel Joffily, which premiered in Brazil at Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema and was shown at the Première Brasil of Rio International Film Festival 2021. The international premiere took place at the Rencontres de Toulouse festival in 2021, in France. Rossi was producer of the films Romance Policial (Jorge Durán, 100’, 2015), Ippon (Cavi Borges, 30’, 2013) for ESPN, Noites de Reis (Vinicius Reis, 85’, 2012) and Love is All We Need (Jorge Durán, 90’, 2010). Graduated in design and passionate about cinema, he is also the author of numerous posters for Brazilian films.

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