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90  min.   |  Portuguese - French - Lingala  |  Brazil, 2022

Seven cuts. Seven experiences of exile. The Democratic Republic of Congo and Brazil reconnect with their common history at Calijah, a small beauty salon in the Rio suburbs specialized in Afro cuts. It is from there that Fernando “Pablo” Mupapa, the owner of the salon and protagonist, nurtures and builds his dream of the anti-imperialist revolution together with his community. Narratives directly from the heart of Africa that have much to teach about the powers that dominate the contemporary world. It is art, it is not art, it is a pamphlet, and it becomes art again.


Directors:  Luciana Bezerra, Gustavo Melo and Pedro Rossi
Producer: Isabel Joffily
Screenplay: Isabel Joffily and Pedro Rossi

Editing and Photography: Pedro Rossi

olhar melhor filme.png

“With assertive dialogues that present a historical panorama of the continent, the result could only be one: to call the people to fight.”

(Paula Hong, Vertentes do Cinema)

Todo Mundo Tem um Pedaço do Congo - 7 Cortes de Cabelo no Congo
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“It is rare to find such a balance in the director’s positioning, between the invasive approach and the voyeuristic distance. But this is the same disposition that Pedro Rossi had established with precision in Caminho de Volta (2015); and repeats in this case.”

(Bruno Carmelo, Meio Amargo)

“We are facing a production capable of going beyond, of expanding the target audience. It involves the audience with objectives achieved with praise: it begins the journey through neocolonialism and ends with very incisive final minutes on historical reparation.”

(Jorge Cruz Jr., Apostila de Cinema)

Fernando (Pablo) Mupapa canta sua canção do exílio - 7 Cortes de Cabelo no Congo
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