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80 min.  |  Portuguese, English  |  Brazil, 2015

André is Brazilian, 45 years old and has lived in London (England) for 20 years. Maria do Socorro is also Brazilian, she is 87 years old and has lived in New Jersey (USA) for 25 years. The two cherish the desire to return to live in Brazil, but the country they left is not the same one they return to. You're not the same one who left. The way back is tortuous and uncertain. No one can bathes twice in the same river.


Director, DP and Screenplay: José Joffily and Pedro Rossi
Producer: Isabel Joffily
Editing: Jordana Berg


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"Way Back (Caminho de Volta) bets on the combination of plastic beauty and analytical rigor, that is, between poetry and sociology. Accessible and complex, it surprises with its precise framing, the fair duration of the shots, the intelligent editing, which establishes microscopic and fluid relationships between the stories. The photography is spectacular, as you rarely see in a documentary so open to chance."

(Bruno Carmelo, Adoro Cinema)

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"Joffily and Rossi's camera wants to be invisible, precisely so that it can capture André and Maria's problems in a more natural way. This results in the essential snapshots of intimacy. There is a very efficient simplicity in Way Back"

(Marcelo Müller, Papo de Cinema)

 "Rhetorical questions are self-entitled: they are rhetorical and subjective for each spectator to answer according to their experiences, fears, decisions and perceptions. Way Back is a poetic, free, intimate documentary (...) Recommended."

(Fabrizio Duke, Vertentes do Cinema)

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