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80 min.  |  Portuguese, Árabic  |  Brazil

Adel and Hadi Bakkour are two Syrian brothers who left their country in 2013. The horror of war forced them to flee. In the city of Rio de Janeiro they try to adapt to a culture completely different from their own.
In 2018, after 5 years without seeing their father and mother, the family is reunited in a completely transformed Brazil, where horror is also present. But now Adel and Hadi decide to resist in the country they chose to live in.

The film had its national premiere at Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema and internationally at Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse, both in 2021.


Directed by: Isabel Joffily and Pedro Rossi
Producer: Isabel Joffily
Director of Photography: Pedro Rossi

Editing: Karen Akerman, Matheus Farias and Pedro Rossi

TEASER After Spring
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"The Syrian brothers awakened my empathy. The father, the mother. The father is writing a book in Syria. How does he manage, asks one of the children, with the noise of the bombings? Aleppo! Rio!"

(Luiz Carlos Merten, Blog do Merten)

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