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22 min.   |   Portuguese   |   Brazil, 2015

Portrait of Carmem D. follows the routine of Carmem Dametto, 72 years old. In the recent past, Carmem was a successful psychiatrist who actively contributed to the evolution of psychiatry in Brazil. Currently, Carmem hardly leaves her house. But she sees her patients in an office on the ground floor. Marcela, her daughter, lives with her. The film observes the character through the rooms, her interaction with her cats and patients. The mother-daughter relationship is also a main character, with all the disagreements and affections that are inherent to it.


Directed by: Isabel Joffily

Screenplay: Isabel Joffily and Pedro Rossi
Director of Photography and Editing: Pedro Rossi

Poster: Pedro Rossi

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"(...)the camera performs its great role. It is for the camera that mother and daughter play cards on the table and assume the aloof treatment they maintain towards the world, it is for the camera that they claim to be finally tired of based treatments. in insults and arguments. It is for the camera that affection and hurt come together in an inseparable dance, as they finally vent their madness and insecurities to each other, face to face, and in front of all of us, who once accompanied us with a slight laughing at this woman's complex spontaneity, we end up with our laughter and our certainties along with the moss at the bottom of the empty pool." 

(Valéria Tedesco, Kinoforum)

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