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86 min.   |   Portuguese, English, French, Hebrew  |   Brazil, 2019

The film follows Brazilians engaged in regular armies or in mercenary forces from other countries. Our country does not live under a declared war, but many of its young people choose to fight abroad. What is involved in these motivations? Understanding the contradictions inherent to this choice, without judgment of value, is not a simple task, but it is undoubtedly a way of experiencing contemporary Brazil.


Director and screenwriter: José Joffily and Pedro Rossi
Producer: Isabel Joffily

Director of Photography: Pedro Rossi
Editing: Jordana Berg



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"Foreign Soldier avoids creepy psychologism and Manichaeism. (...) Joffily and Rossi get it right once again by opting for a camera that only observes, without directly interfering in the action."

(Naief Haddad, Folha de São Paulo)


“The documentary privileges the notion of process, of experience. The directors José Joffily and Pedro Rossi do what very few filmmakers would do (…) The project also surprises by its aesthetic cohesion: the fluidity of the editing, the similarity of the frames throughout the three segments in different countries is impressive.”

(Bruno Carmelo, I Love Cinema)

“Making a sober, yet forceful documentary, in which the burdens of the battles gradually become something intrinsic to the experience in the army, especially in those of countries involved in international conflicts, José Joffily and Pedro Rossi succeed in weaving singular stories from their similarities.”

(Marcelo Müller, Papo de Cinema)

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